About BlanesWorld

My name is Daniel Blanes, I am a senior web developer and producer who creates innovative digital solutions. In the span of my career, I have managed, architected, and built media distribution systems, marketing platforms, engaging applications and responsive web sites.

Prior to my interactive development career, I was a composer, music producer, and DJ with recordings released by Kaustic Records, Global Popstar Records, Priority  Records and Virgin International. My music has been featured in Jane Magazine, BBC London, The Fan Soundtrack, ESPN, and live sporting events. In my free-time, I enjoy playing the acoustic guitar and am always down for an old country or bluegrass jam.

I am employed full time, and study Information Technology and Management at Loyola University Chicago. This blog is intended to be a blog. The views represented here are my own and do not belong to anyone else, but me.


Daniel S. Blanes